Principal's Message


CHEERS TO FIFTY YEARS!  That was our theme all year long.  It was in 1965 that our beloved Alamo School opened its doors to students for the first time.  We were so lucky to be part of this very special 50th Birthday Celebration (1965-2015) for our school. It was great to have the chance to celebrate this historic event.

This year we not only celebrated the past, but we were also busy making our own history.  For the first time in many years we started a student service club at Alamo, the Save The Earth Club.  The club’s dedicated members started a new recycling program that has taught us all a lot about recycling.  Thanks to the PTA (and Mrs. Economos) we were able to enjoy fitness in a new, fun way with the Alamo Run Club.  Another big, new achievement this year was our coin collection drive for the Lazarex Cancer Foundation.  We were able to raise over $6,000 for Nevaeh to get the cancer treatment she needs. 

One of the biggest changes this year was our new traffic light!  For most of the year we had to find new ways to get to and from school.  For some of you this meant walking, biking or carpooling to school. Now that it is finished, the road is safer for us all.  Now that’s making history!    

History has always played a big role at Alamo School.  We have so many wonderful traditions.  This year we were lucky to be a part of so many of them again, including Halloween Parade, Talent Show, Camp Alamo, Hoedown, Day on the Green, Family Reading Night and Family Game Night.  We were also able to win the SRVEF Run for Education (Primo’s) contest for the 3rd year in a row!   I thought winning the contest for 3 years in-a-row was “cool”, but taking an “ice bucket” shower was c-o-o-o-l-d!  B-r-r-r, have a great summer!

Mr. Hitomi

Principal – Alamo School