Principal's Message

As we close out the 2013-2014 school year we have a lot to celebrate.  It has been an exciting year that has blended both old and new to our school.  It was so much fun to see our many long-time traditions, but it is exciting to think some new ones may have been born this year. 

The biggest change on our campus this year has been The Garden.  The Cob Shed is done, and some people think it looks a lot like a Hobbit House!  I think it is really cool and makes The Garden look a lot more interesting and fun.  There has also been a lot of planting in the garden through the hard work of students, parents and staff.   Some of you may have even been able to join Mrs. Raaum for some “singing in the garden”.

We also added some new ways to have fun and learn at Alamo School this year.  Family Science Night, Reading Buddies and Day On The Green were all big hits this year.  Thanks to our “Principals for a Day” we also saw a lot of new, fun toys and games to use at recess.  Who doesn’t love metallic soccer balls or fluorescent tetherballs! 

Part of being a student at Alamo School is being able to enjoy many long-time traditions. This year we continued many of our favorite traditions like Talent Show, Book Fair, Family Game Night, Family Reading Night, Halloween Parade, Camp Alamo and Hoedown.  We were also able to win the SRVEF Run for Education (formerly Primo’s) contest for the 2nd year in a row! I didn’t lose any sleep over the contest….but I did lose some hair!

Have a great summer!  And remember…

“ The More that you Read, the More Things you will Know.

The More that you Learn, the more Places you’ll GO! 

Mr. Hitomi

Principal – Alamo School