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Contact Monina Salazar  Monina Salazar Principal
Office Staff
Contact Gayle Hughey  Gayle Hughey Office Manager



SCIP Counselor

Rainbow Room


Custodial / Cafeteria

Alamo School Staff 20 - 21

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SPecial Subjects
Contact Karla Angle  Karla Angle Teacher - Instrumental Music
Contact Edwina O'Toole  Edwina O'Toole Teacher - Science
Contact Lori Poulleau  Lori Poulleau Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Nancy Raaum  Nancy Raaum Teacher - Choral Music
Contact Marcie Wehrley  Marcie Wehrley Librarian
Classroom Teachers
Contact Stephanie Abramowitz  Stephanie Abramowitz Teacher - Grade 2
Contact Ava Angeletopoulos  Ava Angeletopoulos Teacher - Grade 5
Contact Michelle Beem  Michelle Beem Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Erin Bohannan  Erin Bohannan Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Giovanni Crotti  Giovanni Crotti Teacher - Grade 5
Contact Andrea Fettig  Andrea Fettig Teacher - Grade 2
Contact Tina Flores  Tina Flores Teacher - Grade 3
Contact Tara Hegarty  Tara Hegarty Teacher - Grade 4
Contact Laura Hennon  Laura Hennon Teacher - Grade 2
Contact Katie Inkabi  Katie Inkabi Teacher - Grade 4
Contact Shawna Mayer  Shawna Mayer Teacher - Grade 1
Contact Amber Pavon  Amber Pavon Teacher - Grade 3
Contact Clarissa Scott  Clarissa Scott Teacher - Grade K/1
Contact Beth Summers  Beth Summers Teacher - Grade 1/2

Classroom Paraeducators

Jen Border

Tissa Hascall

Linda Henderson

Kerry Moran


Reading Intervention